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This lovely walking or “pocket” Rosary features a stunning medal of Notre Dame du Garde.  A famous maritime church in Marseille, France, the devotion to Our Lady by this name among seafarers secured them safe travel while at sea.  The church is full of different ex votos, wooden ships, and paintings featuring the intercession of Our Lady, sometimes in a miraculous manner to secure safe travel for her devotees.  


Traditionally the sailor would come offer a prayer at the church of Our Lady of the Guard before embarking on their voyage and come offer an ex voto in the form of a ship or painting upon their safe return. 


The bronze replica medal features Our Lady on the front with an anchor, symbol of hope below.  The verso also has an anchor with the initial NDG ~ Notre Dame du Garde.  In the symbolism of the Church, the anchor is a symbol of Hope, the theological virtue that “anchors” us in God in all our desires and in our expectation and trust of His assistant on our journey Home. The antique-gold plated crucifix features a lovely tri-floral design, reminiscent of the three Theological Virtues that unite us to God.   


The Ave beads are 8 mm green moss agate and the Pater bead is an 8 mm white cloisonée bead capped by lovely gold floral bead caps.  Gold accent beads complete the decade.


Each Rosary is carefully handmade and the recipient is prayed for during the creation process.

Bronze, Moss Agate and Cloisonee Decade Rosary

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