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INSPIRATION:  With the joy of Christmas and the Christ Child appearing into the world comes the thoughts of tenderness between a Mother and her Child.  This beautiful Rosary has a cameo centerpiece depicting this very love which comes to us at Christmas, and warms the heart with thoughts of Our Heavenly Mother's love for us.  Choose between stunning green faceted quartz, reflective of the evergreen tree, or lovely rose sunstone beads, reminiscent of Mary's Heart.  Both colors have beautiful pearl Our Father Beads to represent the purity and light of Christmas.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Rosary has a nice weight to it and is designed to be a treasure and heirloom.  The Ave and Pater beads are 8mm, with the pearls being slightly larger sometimes due to the natural variation of this gemstone.  The cameo centerpiece and filigree crucifix are bronze toned with the centerpiece measuring 1 1/4 inches and the crucifix just over 2 inches.  The findings are bronze toned to match.  The rose sunstone beads are electroplated to give a stunning shine and the faceted cut of the green quartz allows the beads to sparkle and shimmer in the light.  Both sets of gemstones will have slight variation in hues, as is normal with the natural state of these semi-precious stones.  All of the variations blend in a beautiful color palette and are part of the charm of choosing natural stones.  The gemstones of each Rosary match the hue of the cameo centerpiece.  

Madonna and Christ Child Christmas Rosary

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