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A stunning tribute to Our Lady, this beautiful medal is imported from Lourdes, France.  Surrounded by Fleur de Lys, this image of Our Lady evokes her purity and royal character as Mother of God.  


In the Middle Ages, the Fleur de Lys (from the French ~ Lily Flower) was a symbol of the purity of Our Lady.  It was also used on the insignia of the French Royal Families, notably the coat of arms of King St. Louis IX and his mother St. Blanche de Castille.  So dear to this family was this title of Our Lady that they had a Cistercian convent built, the Royal Abbey of Notre Dame du Lys, wherein the heart of St. Blanche was solemnly transferred after her death.   


The beautiful medal is gold-covered brass with a blue-green enamel finish.  The verso is stamped with a star and “Bethleem” (Bethlehem) beneath it as the sign of the atelier where the medal is produced in France. It hangs on a dainty, wire-wrapped, diamond-cut tourmaline beaded chain.  The chain is 17” with two 2” chain extensions added and has a small gold lobster clasp closure.  


This unique piece is truly a treasure, a homage to the royal dignity of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth. 

Notre Dame du Lys Gold Enamel Necklace on Tourmaline Chain

SKU: Fleur ND
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