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Lovely reproductions of hand-painted originals.  This watercolor painting features the famous icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa. 


Venerated as the Queen and Mother of Poland, this painting’s history is intertwined with the Faith of this nation and has many miracles attributed to it.  Our Lady is shown in this image as “Hodegetria” ~ “The One who shows the Way,” as she is directing the attention towards Jesus, and away from Herself.  Her right hand gestures toward Jesus, the source of Salvation.  The Child extends in turn His hand to bless us while holding the book of the Gospels in His left hand. The icon shows Our Lady in fleur de lys robes, symbol of her Queenship.


The cards are professionally printed on medium weight, white cardstock and sized at 5” by 7”.  There are 5 cards and matching envelopes per set.  The left inside cove has a poem to Our Lady, written in the medieval times.  The facing side is blank to allow your personalization and use for any occasion.


Our Lady of Czestochowa Cards

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