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This lovely walking or “pocket” decade Rosary tells the story of the St. Thérèse and her “Shower of Roses.”  It features a beautiful heart-shaped bronze medal with roses on the front and one of St. Thérèse’s most famous sayings on the back in French, “Je veux passer mon ciel à faire du bien sur la terre,” ~ “I want to spend my heaven in doing good upon earth.”  


She promised her Sisters that after her death she would let fall a Shower of Roses upon the earth, meaning graces from Heaven, for all those who called upon her assistance.  She taught a special, yet simple and ordinary, “Little Way” to go to Jesus, which she said was a way that was “all love.”  


Her namesake, the Child Jesus, is featured on the other medal in a beautiful representation of the “Infant King” as she liked to call him, and one of her favorite images where He is pointing to His Heart with one hand and to Heaven with the other, to show us as she said the way to Heaven through His Heart.  The verso has an invocation in French, “O Jésus, Roi d’Amour, j’ai confiance en votre miséricordieuse Bonté,” ~ “O Jesus, King of Love, I have confidence in your merciful Goodness.”  Both medals are solid bronze reproductions of French medals.      


The medal of the Child Jesus is about 24mm in length by 15mm wide and the heart-shaped medal is about 24mm in length and 17 mm wide at the widest point.


The Ave beads are rose-red 8mm Jade beads and the Pater is a stunning 10mm pearl.  Both are ornamented with beautiful brass and bronze bead caps.


Each Rosary is carefully handmade and the recipient is prayed for during the creation process.

Red Jade and Pearl Decade Rosary

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