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Inspired by the traditional symbol of St. James and the Camino de Santiago, the scallop shell, which pilgrims would return home with as a token they had made the entire journey.   This delicate Rosary evokes the beauty of the coast and the sea from which the shells would be gathered. 


Legend has it that when the Saint’s relics were being conveyed from Jerusalem by ship, it arrived on shore covered with scallop shells.  Another beautiful interpretation of the symbol of the shell relates to the actual pilgrimage route (a symbol of our journey on earth to our Heavenly Homeland):  the scallop shell is ribbed with many “paths” that all converge at the bottom, or hinge of the shell.  The shell is also attributed to St. James as he was one of the Apostles who was a fisherman by trade before being called by Our Lord.


This Rosary features a delicate 1 ⅛” sterling silver crucifix and ¾” sterling silver Ave Maria centerpiece.  It is little known that Our Lady appeared to St. James twice during his life.  The Ave beads are 6 mm Light Blue Apatite and evoke the beautiful sea on the coast at Finis Terre ~ where a chapel was erected to remember one of the apparitions of Our Lady to St. James.  Some consider this the true end of the pilgrimage, a little further than the Cathedral, and named as “The End of the Earth.”  The Pater beads are antique silver scallop shells.


Each Rosary is carefully handmade and the recipient is prayed for during the creation process.

Sterling Silver Santiago Rosary - Finis Terre

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